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Virtus Interpress journals in the VABB-SHW

We are glad to remind Flemish researchers that two journals of Virtus Interpress are included in the fifth version of the Flemish Academic Bibliography for the Social Sciences & Humanities (VABB-SHW). The journals are:

- Corporate Ownership and Control;

- Risk Governance and Control.

The idea behind the construction of VABB-SHW is to be able to count all scientific publications within the Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines, published by researchers working for one of the Flemish universities. VABB-SHW made it possible to distribute research funding amongst the universities taking into account all scientific publications. All Flemish universities work closely together to update the VABB-SHW every year. The list is available by the following link.

Corporate Governance Experts Global Repository
Merio Honor Честь
Ryoushin Conscience Совесть
Kouki Nobility Доброе имя