Virtus Interpress site map is launched

The publishing model of “Virtus Interpress” is built on the pillars where we aspire to meet the expectations of Editors, external reviewers, authors, universities, public libraries, research institutions, individual subscribers etc. We are open for collaboration with various groups of stakeholders.

The major activities we will continue to develop are the following: further organizing the international conferences (at least two times a year) worldwide; arranging research seminars and workshops; organizing PhD seminars worldwide; arranging online seminars (webinars); reviewing manuscripts and further publishing the books; further developing the Global Repository of Corporate Governance Experts; running the Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance and international network of experts etc.

To ease the browsing of our website we’ve launched a site map that will help you to find the appropriate range of services or useful materials as well as the ways of collaboration with us. The web-page is already available here. Your interests are the priority for our team.