Virtus Interpress starts assigning DOI to all papers

Virtus Interpress is moving forward towards best publishing practices by constantly looking for new opportunities to improve publishing standards in the benefit of the authors, readers, libraries and other interested parties. Therefore we are proud to announce that we are starting a process of assigning DOI to the articles published with Virtus Interpress.

The emergence of IT technology and the Internet have radically changed the publishing process and approach to the search for scientific information. Worldwide practice shows that despite the presence of the majority of the scientific publications on the web sites of the publishers, many authors and researches often have trouble finding a particular publication and report about content being moved, restructured, or deleted. The result is often broken hyperlinks and nonworking URLs in reference lists. To prevent this critical issue, most scholarly publishers assign a DOI to journal articles. Using new innovative ideas, such as DOI, have a positive impact on the reliability of their storage and significantly simplifies search for sources and materials.

Publishers assign a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to articles or book chapters to provide a permanent link. The DOI assures that the document can be discovered, even if the URL for the journal article changes. If the URL changes, it is changed in the DOI resolver so that the DOI continues to link from all the places it might have been placed. DOIs guarantee that all interested parties will always be able to access the reliable link to the brief information about all their papers.

Virtus Interpress publishing house has signed an agreement and became a member of PILA (Publishers International Linking Association). PILA is a non-profit association of more than 5,000 publishers, universities, scientific societies and other publishers of scientific materials. The aim of the organization is development and introduction of technological and other citation standards, as well as the development of other related publishing technology. In order to implement its tasks PILA acts as a DOI Registration Agency.

Starting from November 2016 we are establishing the procedure of consistent processing of all the articles that have been published in all the journals, from the moment of their initiation, and assignment of the DOIs to each of them. All this work will be conducted on the Virtus Interpress account and in the interests of all of the authors that were ever published with our publishing house. All the upcoming articles, that will be published in the future, will also receive a DOI. Financial obligations associated with the DOI assignment will be covered by Virtus Interpress and will have no effect on the financial part of the relationship with the authors. Accordingly to our intentions all of the articles published with Virtus Interpress will receive a DOI identification by the end of the March 2017.

So your work will be referenced properly and any changes will not affect the accessibility of your paper. We are keeping pace with modern trends in the scientific industry in order to help authors and potential readers to identify their article among scientific works of global community.