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Virtus Open Access Network program and open access, self-archiving and paper citation survey

At «Virtus Interpress» we are committed to making knowledge available, accessible and relevant. We believe that there should be the widest possible dissemination of research outputs to help authors increase the impact of their papers and make articles more accessible and cited. That is why we are going to make regular (at least quarter) surveys outlining the latest trends in the development of scholarly publishing worldwide.

Self-archiving is the act of depositing a free copy of an electronic document online in order to provide unrestricted access to it by the author. The most significant benefits of self-archiving are the following:

  • it increases the reach of science and makes it available to the world;
  • it is a cost-free method to increase the number of views, downloads and citations for your article;
  • it shortens the time lag between a research`s writing and the audience`s reading of the paper, thus hastening the progress of science itself;
  • it can increase your recognition in the field etc.

Today we would like to brief you on the essence and impact of self-archiving in light of Open Access opportunities for authors. Numerous studies prove that Open Access papers have significant citation advantage compared to strictly paywalled papers as they are highly visible and widely downloaded. This advantage doubles if the author chooses to self-archive his/her Open Access paper.

This survey was incorporated by the team of Virtus Interpress into the Virtus Open Access Network program that is grounded on our international global network of scholars and delivers a lot of benefits to our authors.

This survey and Virtus Open Access Network program can be assessed by all members of our Virtus Global Repository of Corporate Governance Experts and authors of the papers who published in our journals before.

To receive the survey together with the Virtus Open Access Network program, please write an e-mail to Ms. Kateryna Huryna at k.huryna[at]

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