Volume 14, Issue 1 of the Journal "Corporate Ownership and Control" is now fully open-access

The editorial team of the publishing house “Virtus Interpress” is glad to inform that Volume 14, Issue 1 (continued 3 and continued 4) of the Journal "Corporate Ownership and Control" is now fully open-access.

Therefore, from now on all visitors of our web-site are able to download all papers published in Volume 14, Issue 1, 2016 (continued 3 and continued 4) of the Corporate Ownership and Control journal for free:

These are 29 full-text papers authored by scholars from more than 10 countries (the UK, Brazil, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Vietnam etc.).

The papers explore issues of financial performance, market value, financial
crisis, bond market, risk factor theory, earnings management, IFRS, independent directors, earnings quality, internal audit quality, board evaluation, investment opportunities, firm size, corporate valuation etc.

We hope that this open access collection of papers will be useful for those scholars pursuing research in the field of corporate governance.