Volume 8 - 2019 Issue 2

Journal of Governance and Regulation

EDITORIAL: Governance and regulation - Evidence at micro and macro level

Christos Kallandranis ORCID logo


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Tax policy, tax disharmony and tax competition: The situation of Greek economy

Alkiviadis Karagiorgos ORCID logo, George Drogalas ORCID logo, Grigorios Lazos, Ioanna Fotiadou


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Consumer Price Index (CPI) as a competitiveness inflation measure: Evidence from Jordan

Osama Samih Shaban ORCID logo, Mohammad Al-Attar ORCID logo, Zaid Al Hawatmah, Nafez Nimer Ali ORCID logo


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Disruption, regulatory theory and China: What surveillance and profiling can teach the modern regulator

Brendan Walker-Munro ORCID logo


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The impact of IT level of knowledge on work-readiness from the accounting graduate perspective: Evidence from Greece

Dimitra Karagiorgou, Dimitra Seretidou, Antonios Stavropoulos


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An analysis of the impacts of macroeconomic fluctuations on China’s stock market

Lin Lingnan ORCID logo


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Do municipal mergers work? Evidence from municipalities in Greece

Michail Pazarskis, Spyridon Goumas, Andreas Koutoupis ORCID logo, Konstantinos Konstantinidis


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