Volume 10 - 2020 Issue 2

Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions

Editorial: Governance, risks, and rules at the beginning of the pandemic

Nadia Cipullo ORCID logo


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A comparative analysis of the relationship among capital, risk and efficiency in the Eurozone and the U.S. banking institutions

Dimitra Loukia Kolia ORCID logo, Simeon Papadopoulos


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In-country DFIs: Profitability under state ownership

Mbako Mbo ORCID logo


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Credit risk management in bank: Impacts of IFRS 9 and Basel 3

Pasqualina Porretta ORCID logo, Aldo Letizia , Fabrizio Santoboni ORCID logo


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The impact of ECB loan valuation metrics on third-party loan pricing: A EU firm perspective

Federico Beltrame ORCID logo, Luca Grassetti ORCID logo, Maurizio Polato ORCID logo, Giulio Velliscig ORCID logo


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Exchange rate modelling in the development community using the ARDL cointegration approach: The case of emerging markets

Abdulkader Aljandali ORCID logo, Christos Kallandranis ORCID logo


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Credit intermediaries’ regulation and profitability: The Italian case of D.Lgs. No. 141/2010

Nicola Bianchi ORCID logo, Umberto Filotto ORCID logo, Xenia Scimone ORCID logo


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