Volume 9 - 2020 Issue 3

Journal of Governance and Regulation


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Green information technology and environmental performance of the banks

Anthonypillai Anton Arulrajah ORCID logo, Samithamby Senthilnathan ORCID logo, Mudithā Priyadarshani Rathnayake


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Exploring the pathways: Regulatory experiments for sustainable development – An interdisciplinary approach

Dierk Bauknecht ORCID logo, Thore Sören Bischoff ORCID logo, Kilian Bizer ORCID logo, Martin Führ ORCID logo, Peter Gailhofer ORCID logo, Dirk Arne Heyen ORCID logo, Till Proeger ORCID logo, Kaja von der Leyen ORCID logo


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“Fit and proper” regulations in the banking industry: What we have learnt in the post-crisis years

Pablo de Andres ORCID logo, Laura Arranz-Aperte ORCID logo, Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Sanz ORCID logo


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