Volume 19 - 2021 Issue 1 (special issue)

Corporate Ownership and Control


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Internal audit stigma impairs internal audit outcomes

Marc Eulerich ORCID logo, Joleen Kremin, K. Kelli Saunders ORCID logo, David A. Wood ORCID logo


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Stakeholder value creation: A case of the hospitality industry

Valentina Della Corte ORCID logo, Massimo Aria ORCID logo, Giovanna Del Gaudio ORCID logo, Fabiana Sepe ORCID logo, Enrico Di Taranto ORCID logo


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Corporate board and firm performance: A data envelopment analysis (DEA) of Italian listed companies

Francesco De Luca ORCID logo, Stefania Migliori ORCID logo, Hussain Muhammad ORCID logo, Agnese Rapposelli ORCID logo


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