Volume 10 - 2021 Issue 3

Journal of Governance and Regulation


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The impact of board characteristics on earnings management

Mahmoud Mohmad Aleqab ORCID logo, Maha Mohammad Ighnaim


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Corporate governance and organized crimes: Comparative analytical study of the legislative role

Tayil Mahmoud Shiyab ORCID logo, Mohammad Amin Alkrisheh, Alaa Y. Darawsheh


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Exploring the application of analytical procedures by Jordanian external auditors

Modar Abdullatif ORCID logo, Aya Banna, Duha El-Sahsah, Taher Wafa


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Governing headquarters-subsidiaries relationship: An agency perspective

Dimitris Manolopoulos ORCID logo, Anastasios Magoutas ORCID logo, Yiannis Kapnias


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Board structure and disclosure of intellectual capital: An empirical study in an emerging market

Anisa Kusumawardani ORCID logo, Wirasmi Wardhani ORCID logo, Siti Maria ORCID logo, Rizky Yudaruddin ORCID logo


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Board characteristics and firm performance: The case of Jordanian non-financial institutions

Zyad Marashdeh ORCID logo, Mohammad W. Alomari ORCID logo, Mahmoud Mohmad Aleqab ORCID logo, Rateb Mohammad Alqatamin ORCID logo


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Factors affecting stock market index volatility: Empirical study

Mohammed Ali Al-Rimawi, Thair Adnan Kaddumi ORCID logo


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