Volume 18 - 2021 Issue 4

Corporate Ownership and Control


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Does CEO power influence corporate risk and performance? Evidence from Greece and Hungary

Um-E-Roman Fayyaz ORCID logo, Raja Nabeel-Ud-Din Jalal ORCID logo, Gianluca Antonucci ORCID logo, Michelina Venditti ORCID logo


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Exploring the impact of organizational context on budgeting

Catherine E. Batt ORCID logo, Páll Rikhardsson ORCID logo, Thorlakur Karlsson ORCID logo


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Corporate, social, political connections and corporate governance: A review

Arash Faizabad ORCID logo, Mohammad Refakar ORCID logo, Claudia Champagne ORCID logo


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Does board structure drive dividends payout? Evidence from the Sultanate of Oman

Badar Alshabibi ORCID logo, Shanmuga Pria ORCID logo, Khaled Hussainey ORCID logo


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