Volume 19 - 2022 Issue 2

Corporate Ownership and Control


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The quality of corporate governance and directors’ elections

Sylvie Berthelot ORCID logo, Michel Coulmont ORCID logo, Vincent Gagné ORCID logo


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Does board composition matter? An evidence from Saudi Arabia

Sadeem A. Al Suwaiygh ORCID logo, Khalid I. Falgi ORCID logo


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ESG disclosure, board diversity and ownership: Did the revolution make a difference in Egypt?

Omar Al Farooque ORCID logo, Khaled Dahawy ORCID logo, Nermeen Shehata ORCID logo, Mark Soliman ORCID logo


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Individual corrupt behavior: An experimental analysis of the influence factors personality and gender

Patrick Ulrich ORCID logo, Stefan Behringer ORCID logo, Anjuli Unruh ORCID logo, Vanessa Frank


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Wells Fargo: Did KPMG perform its duties? An auditing case about consumer fraud

Nancy Chun Feng ORCID logo, Ross D. Fuerman ORCID logo, Nicole Heron ORCID logo


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Independent directors in Sweden and their influence on earnings through accrual and real activities management

Sven-Olof Yrjö Collin ORCID logo, Yuliya Ponomareva ORCID logo, Fredrik Björklund ORCID logo, David Krieg


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Other comprehensive income and the cost of debt capital

Feras M. Salama ORCID logo, Taisier A. Zoubi ORCID logo


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Are joint audits associated with higher audit quality?

Mohamed Abdel Aziz Hegazy ORCID logo, Hekmat Ebrahim


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