Volume 4 - 2022 Issue 2

Corporate Law & Governance Review


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Financial efficiency analysis: Empirical evidence from the emerging stock market

Syed Raziuddin Ahmad ORCID logo, Soha Khan ORCID logo, Nabil Ahmed Mareai Senan ORCID logo, Imran Ahmad Khan ORCID logo


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Cryptocurrency and money laundering: A literature review

Achraf Guidara ORCID logo


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Governance of economic constitution in a critical argumentation

Tuhana, Jamal Wiwoho, I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani ORCID logo


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Governance in local government organizations and their state-owned enterprises: Impact of merger laws in Greece

Stergios Galanis ORCID logo, Michail Pazarskis ORCID logo, Sofia Kourtesi, Maria Gatziou ORCID logo


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