Corporate governance: Search for the advanced practices/Conference proceedings


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A quantitative assessment of interest rate uncertainty in real option analysis

Luca Vincenzo Ballestra ORCID logo, Graziella Pacelli ORCID logo, Davide Radi ORCID logo

Viewed: 240Downloads: 539

Corporate social responsibility and limits for corporate tax avoidance

André Santa Marta, Victor Barros ORCID logo, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento ORCID logo

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Overconfidence and risk behavior in family firms

Beatrice Orlando, Antonio Renzi ORCID logo, Giuseppe Sancetta ORCID logo, Gianluca Vagnani ORCID logo

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Institutional shareholders and corporate governance

Tom Berglund, Naufal Alimov ORCID logo

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Disclosure on enterprise risk and company performance: Evidence from Spain

Elena Merino ORCID logo, Jesús Antonio Sánchez, Montserrat Manzaneque ORCID logo

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Institutional investors, stewardship code, and corporate performance: International evidence

Yutaro Shiraishi, Naoshi Ikeda ORCID logo, Yasuhiro Arikawa ORCID logo, Kotaro Inoue

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Corporate governance and blockchain: Some preliminary results by a survey

Salvatore Esposito De Falco ORCID logo, Nicola Cucari ORCID logo, Emanuele Canuti, Stefano Modena

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Corporate governance and firm value: An empirical investigation of the wine companies

Bruno Marsigalia ORCID logo, Renato Giovannini ORCID logo, Emanuela Palumbo

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Corporate governance, CSR and financial performances: What types of relationships exist between these dimensions?

Marco Tutino ORCID logo, Giorgia Mattei ORCID logo, Niccolo’ Paoloni ORCID logo, Valentina Santolamazza ORCID logo

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