APC (only for OA publication option)

Reporting and Accountability Review journal provides two options of publication for the authors. The first option is publication in the journal according to the subscription-based model. This means that the paper will be available for the readers for a fee but there is no payment involved for the authors to publish the paper in the journal.

Another option of publication is gold (immediate) Open Access model. If the authors choose this option, then the following rules apply:

Article processing charge (only for Open Access publication option)

This information is applicable only if the authors choose Open Access publication option.

The first Open access publication option is EUR 420, it means that the paper will be in the open access on the website of the Publisher immediately after its publication. By this option, the paper will be published at the website of the journal within 2 weeks after its acceptance: the period that will be provided to the author to approve the layout of the paper before publication.

This charge aims to cover the costs of taking a manuscript and turning it into a finished paper.

Please, note, when a manuscript is submitted, it is processed through the many different teams at Virtus Interpress:

  • The editorial screening team, who perform initial technical and ethical checks (including Editors and Editorial Assistants).
  • The executive editorial team, responsible for coordinating the review process with the journal’s Editorial Board and external reviewers.
  • The editorial quality assurance team, responsible for a final check to ensure that the manuscript and its review process meet the journal’s policies and specific guidelines before paper acceptance.
  • The production team, converting the manuscript to a journal style typeset paper.
  • The proofing team, managing the proofing process.
  • The indexing and archiving team, managing with relevant index and archiving services related to the particular journal.
  • The support team, involved in answering any questions throughout the publishing.
  • The dissemination of the published papers both to the journal international scholarly network and wider audiences, investing in initiatives to promote the published research and maximizing the research impact.

All teams, mentioned above, work with our marketing, communications, and technical personnel to ensure your article receives the appropriate attention. Please, note, a part of APCs is reinvested into the technical systems that support these services to meet the expectations of authors, reviewers, readers and other stakeholders. Also, a hard copy of an issue can be requested by the corresponding author.

APC option for open access publication is EUR 420.

Amount: 420 EUR

The payment can be made with credit/debit card via secure payment system provided by Ukrainian processing center. During the payment, you will probably receive an SMS from your bank with the password to confirm the transaction. The price in Euro is an oriented one. The payment will be charged in UAH according to the exchange rate of your payment card provider. Once the payment is made we will process it ASAP and our representative will contact you to deliver the service/confirm the payment.