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White-collar offenders have access to resources that make financial crime convenient. In the rare case of crime suspicion, resources are available in terms of professional attorney work, control over internal investigations, and public relations support. Hiring private investigators at an early stage of potential crime disclosure enables the organization to control the investigation mandate and influence the investigation process and the investigation output. Getting an early start on reconstruction of the past in terms of a fraud examination makes it possible for the suspect and the organization to influence what facts are relevant and how facts might be assessed in terms of possible violations of the penal code. Convenience aspects of private investigations are discussed in this article in terms of five internal investigations, two in the United States (General Motors and Lehman Brothers) and three in Norway (Telenor VimpelCom, DNB Bank, and Norwegian Football Association). The aim of this research is to contribute insights into convenience associated with internal private investigations.

Keywords: Resource-Based Theory, Convenience Theory, White-Collar Crime, Internal Investigation

Received: 04.10.2016
Accepted: 06.02.2017

How to cite this paper: Gottschalk, P. (2017). Convenience in white-collar crime: A resource perspective. Risk governance & control: financial markets & institutions, 7(2), 28-37.