Corporate governance mechanism in the context of Portugal

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Elisabete Vieira ORCID logo, Joaquim Neiva

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Corporate governance is a mechanism to protect investors in the markets around the world. This study analyses the board of directors’ specificities in the context of Portuguese corporate governance. The results show that the Latin Model (Two-Tier Model) is the most (least) adopted by Portuguese firms. The percentage of executive members is higher than that of non-executive members. In the year of 2014, women held only 9.5% of positions on board, which is very low. With this study, we contribute to the state of art of Corporate Governance in a country in which investigation is still scarce.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Corporate Law, Board of Directors, Portugal

JEL Classification: G30, G38

Received: 07.06.2019
Accepted: 24.06.2019

How to cite: Vieira, E., & Neiva, J. (2019). Corporate governance mechanism in the context of Portugal. In S. Esposito De Falco, F. Alvino, & A. Kostyuk (Eds.), New challenges in corporate governance: Theory and practice (pp. 99-113).