New challenges in corporate governance: Theory and practice/Conference proceedings


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Editorial: New challenges in theory and practice of corporate governance

Salvatore Esposito De Falco ORCID logo, Federico Alvino ORCID logo, Alexander Kostyuk ORCID logo

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The impact of ESG scores on cost of equity and firm’s profitability

Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini ORCID logo, Raul Caruso ORCID logo, Niketa Mehmeti

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Enterprise risk management, corporate governance and systemic risk: Some research perspectives

Salvatore Esposito De Falco ORCID logo, Antonio Renzi ORCID logo, Giuseppe Sancetta ORCID logo, Gianluca Vagnani ORCID logo

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Independent directors in Sweden and their influence on earnings through accounting and cash flow management

Fredrik Björklund ORCID logo, Sven-Olof Yrjö Collin ORCID logo, David Krieg, Yuliya Ponomareva ORCID logo

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Do board characteristics provide more enhancement for firm financial performance? A corporate governance perspective

Tariq Tawfeeq Yousif Alabdullah ORCID logo, Essia Ries Ahmed ORCID logo, Mohamed Ibrahim Nor ORCID logo

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The role of sponsor’s previous experience in syndicated private equity deals

Vladimiro Marini ORCID logo, Massimo Caratelli ORCID logo, Ilaria Barbaraci

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How to improve the pension fund engagement: A research proposal for Italian pension funds

Nicola Cucari ORCID logo, Giorgia Tapino, Francesco Drigo, Sergio Carbonara

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Corporate governance mechanism in the context of Portugal

Elisabete Vieira ORCID logo, Joaquim Neiva

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Collaborative governance against corruption

Mireille Chidiac El Hajj ORCID logo

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Ownership structures and corporate performance: A literature review

Luigi Lepore ORCID logo, Assunta Di Vaio ORCID logo, Marco Sorrentino ORCID logo, Rosa Palladino ORCID logo

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The role of technology for building resilience thinking in corporate governance

Irene Fulco ORCID logo, Antonio La Sala ORCID logo, Francesca Loia ORCID logo

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Board independence and voluntary financial disclosure: The moderating role of ownership structure

Luigi Lepore ORCID logo, Sabrina Pisano ORCID logo, Gabriella D’Amore ORCID logo, Carmela Di Guida ORCID logo

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The concept of board capital in corporate governance research: A structured literature review

Federica Ricci ORCID logo, Vincenzo Scafarto ORCID logo, Flaviano Moscarini ORCID logo, Gaetano Della Corte ORCID logo

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Corporate governance and firm efficiency: The role of board composition

Andrea Vacca ORCID logo, Antonio Iazzi ORCID logo, Monica Fait ORCID logo

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Ownership structure, firm performance and corruption: An empirical analysis of EU countries

Gabriella D’Amore ORCID logo, Luigi Lepore ORCID logo, Loris Landriani ORCID logo, Francesco Paolone ORCID logo, Matteo Pozzoli ORCID logo

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Gender diversity in sport governance: A portrait of Italy

Luisa Varriale ORCID logo, Filomena Mazzeo ORCID logo

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The link between CSR and the board’s role: A theoretical framework on non-financial disclosure

Bernardino Quattrociocchi ORCID logo, Francesco Mercuri, Silvia Sergiacomi

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