Gender diversity in sport governance: A portrait of Italy

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This exploratory study aims to investigate the Italian sport context providing a brief portrayal of this country outlining the still existing gap also through a description of the current situation of women in leadership positions, above all in corporate boards, in the Italian sport setting. After a review of the existing contributions in the literature and the regulatory system on the issue, we exam the state of art of the Italian sport setting taking into account the regulatory system and the peculiarities of the field regarding the women representation in corporate boards.

Keywords: Sport, Gender Equity, Leadership, Corporate Boards, Sport Federation, Women

JEL Classification: D23, D63, J16, J71, K38, M12, Z22, M14

Received: 09.08.2019
Accepted: 27.08.2019

How to cite: Varriale, L., & Mazzeo, F. (2019). Gender diversity in sport governance: A portrait of Italy. In S. Esposito De Falco, F. Alvino, & A. Kostyuk (Eds.), New challenges in corporate governance: Theory and practice (pp. 430-434).