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Intensification of financial development during last decade causes transformation of banking sector functioning. In particular, among the most significant changes over this period should be noted the next ones: convergence of financial market segments and appearance of cross-sector financial products, an increase of prevailing of financial sector in comparison with real economy and level of their interdependent, an intensification of crisis processes in financial and especially banking sector and a significant increase of the scale of the crisis consequences etc. thus, in such vulnerable conditions it is become very urgent to identify the relevant factors that can influence on the stability of banking sector, because its maintenance seems to be one of the most important preconditions of the stability of the national economy as a whole. Purpose of the article is to analyze key performance indicators of the Ukrainian banking system, clarify its main problems, identify relevant factors of the stability of the Ukrainian banking system and the character of their influence on the dependent variable. Realization of the mentioned above tasks was ensured by regression analysis (OLS regression). Analysis of key indicators that characterize current situation in the Ukrainian banking system found out the existence of numerous endogenous and exogenous problems, which, in turn, cause worsening most of analyzed indicators during 2013-2015. Unfavorable situation in Ukrainian banking system determined the necessity of identification of relevant factors of banking system stability to avoid transmission of financial shocks. According to the results of regression analysis on the stability of banking sector positively influence such factors as increase of interest margin to gross income ratio, reserves to assets ratio, number of branches, ratio of non-performing loans to total loans. Meanwhile, negative impact on stability of banking system has an increase of liquid assets to short term liabilities ratio and cost to income ratio. Empirical results of the research found out that grate damage to the stability of banking system has some parameters of banking activity, that’s why the main purpose of the regulation by the National Bank of Ukraine should be strengthening of macroprudential supervision and intensification of adaptation of Basel II and Basel III requirements.

Keywords: Bank, Banking System, Macroprudential Supervision, Stability of Banking System

How to cite this paper: Vasilyeva, T., Sysoyeva, L., & Vysochyna, A. (2016). Formalization of factors that are affecting stability of Ukraine banking system. Risk governance & control: financial markets & institutions, 6(4), 7-11.