Greetings to the new members of the Editorial Board: Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review

The editorial team of the Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review is glad to introduce prominent experts in the field of corporate governance who have recently joined the Editorial Board of the journal:

Dr. Akrum Helfaya is the Associate Professor in Accounting at Keele Business School, Keele University, England. His Ph.D. was on “Assessing the Quality of UK Corporate Environmental Reporting” from the University of Aberdeen. His teaching interests are: accounting for sustainability, financial accounting, corporate governance and CSR, financial management, financial decision making, and research methods. His publications appear in top accounting and business journals.
Dr. Keren Bar-Hava is the Head of the Accounting Department at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Bar-Hava holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting from Tel Aviv University, a master’s degree in economics from Tel Aviv University, a doctorate in finance and accounting from Tel Aviv University, and a postdoctoral fellowship in accounting from NYU University in New York. Her research focuses on market efficiency, corporate governance, fair value versus cost, and more, and her research has been published in the top journals. Her work was also quoted in the press.
Dr. Simona Mihai Yiannaki is an Associate Professor in Finance, Deputy Dean School of Business at European University Cyprus, an international consultant, and speaker in Banking, Finance, Economics, and a trainer. Director EUC-PEAK. Her research fields are finance, banking, hedge funds, risk management, entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in higher education. She was awarded several outstanding performance awards from international research institutes and coordinated E.U.-funded research projects.

We hope that the geographical diversity and the wide range of expertise of our editorial board members will help our authors in enhancing the quality of their research in the course of the reviewing process in order to improve their citation and increase academic impact.

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