Journal of Governance and Regulation: New feedback from the authors

The editorial team of the Publishing House Virtus Interpress continues to implement its transparency policy in terms of communication with the authors as key stakeholders. In this regard, we are glad to share new feedback from the authors who have recently published their papers in the Journal of Governance and Regulation.

Rani Eka Diansari, Graduate School of Management, Management and Science University, Selangor, Malaysia: “It was a pleasure to work with the Journal of Governance and Regulation’s editors. The process of reviewing and making changes was easy, and the team was quick to respond. When changes were suggested for the final version, they were completed immediately and sent back to me so I could look through the changes. All in all, it was a terrific time!”

David Umoru, Department of Economics, Edo State University Uaizrue, Nigeria: “On behalf of all the members of our research team, I wish to commend the efforts of the team members at Virtus Interpress. The individuals particularly the managing editor of the Journal of Governance and Regulation worked tirelessly and dedicatedly in providing answers to all our queries as regards the publication of all our manuscripts sent for publication considerations. These research personnels at Virtus Interpress are all indeed courteous and extremely prompt in their responses to questions and issues that borders on clarity. The manuscript review process is effective, fast, and very cordial”.

Rula Hani AlHalaseh, Business School, Mutah University, Alkarak, Jordan: “I am delighted to share my publishing experience with the Journal of Governance and Regulation. I appreciate the managing editor’s and the JGR staff’s professionalism and prompt responses. The review procedure was straightforward and did not take long. The reviewer’s report contained useful and fair information. Looking forward to further cooperation”.

Gatot Soepriyanto, Accounting Department, School of Accounting, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia: “In my experience, the editorial & review process has been efficient and well-organized, and I have had a positive experience communicating with the managing editor of the journal. As for the reviewing process, I recognize the importance of maintaining academic rigor and believe that the process is already quite thorough. However, there may be room for improvement, such as implementing additional checks to ensure high quality of feedback. In terms of the content of the reviewer’s report, I have found the feedback to be helpful and constructive in improving my work. However, I think it would be beneficial to have more specific and actionable feedback that can be applied to future submissions. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you and your team and look forward to continuing to work together in the future”.

Mentor Lecaj, AAB College, Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo: “It was a very honour to work with the editorial team of the Journal of Governance and Regulation. They are very cooperative from the beginning of the publication process. Their suggestions and recommendations during the review process were very professional and very fruitful as well”.

Faisal Faisal, Accounting Department, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia: “Since 2016 I have published my papers several times on Virtus Intrerpress. I really appreciate all stages in the publication process, from the easy submission process to the manuscript process of being accepted and printed. Communication with the managing editor is excellent, the response and feedback from reviewers is fast and constructive. I agree that Virtus Intrerpress has high visibility, this has an impact on the citation rate of papers to be high”.

Hussen Amran Naji Al-Refiay, Faculty of Administration and Economics, University of Karbala, Karbala, Iraq: “I found the academic journal to be an excellent platform for my research article. The editorial process was efficient and professional, and the peer-review feedback was insightful and helpful in improving my work. The journal’s readership and reputation provided valuable exposure for my research, and I am proud to have contributed to its quality content”.

More comments of authors and reviewers of the Journal of Governance and Regulation are available here.