Feedback from stakeholders

Virtus Interpress transparency initiative was launched a couple of years ago. In this section, we provide (and continuously update) feedback from our stakeholders: authors and reviewers. To read feedback from reviewers, please scroll the page down.

Feedback from the authors:

  • Hilary Till, Principal, Premia Capital Management, LLC; University of Colorado at Denver - J.P. Morgan Center for Commodities, USA: It was a pleasure working with the editorial team of the Journal of Governance and Regulation. The reviewing/correction process was straightforward and the responsiveness of the team was quick. When edits were provided to the final version, the edits were promptly made and were quickly returned for me to review the revised copy. Overall, it was a great experience!
  • Dr. Michael Twum-Darko, Acting Head of the Graduate Center for Management, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Cape Town University of Technology, South Africa: My cooperation with Journal and the editorial team has been highly professional. They are very responsive and always come back to you within 24 hours. The review process has been credible and in compliance with their editorial policy. The reviews I always receive have been thorough and recommendations or suggestions have been very helpful to me. Adherence to the policy of quarterly publication have helped many researchers in the field corporate governance and regulations have relied on the Journal of Governance and Regulation to publish their scholarly work. I wish a successful and lasting future for the Journal of Governance and Regulation.
  • Annette Borel, LL.M., Attorney at law, Trinidad and Tobago: It was a pleasure working with the team members at Virtus Interpress. The individuals with whom I liaised were very prompt and courteous in their responses to my queries and concerns. The members exhibited a high degree of professionalism in the discharge of their responsibilities and surpassed all my expectations. The efficiency in which my manuscript was reviewed and published was exceptional.
  • Dr. Thierry Kirat, Director of Research C.N.R.S., Paris Dauphine University, France: On behalf my co-author, Dr. Frédéric Marty, I want to express our great satisfaction to have our article published in the Journal of Governance and Regulation. We appreciate your reactivity and the efficiency of the Journal editorial process. The review of our article has been made in a timely manner, in conformity with the schedule that has been given to us at the submission stage. The corrections of the proofs have been conducted in a very nice way. We also appreciate the kindness of our communications with the editorial team.
  • Kim Wales, Founder and CEO, Wales Capital, USA: I am writing this short letter to express my gratitude toward the professional and pleasurable working relationship we fostered in 2015. It is rare to find a group of people that makes the process seamless, stays focus and deliver on time and quality products. Throughout the publication of my paper for the Journal of Governance and Regulation, Fourth Quarter, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and the team. I look forward to submitting future papers in 2016 and working with the Virtus Interpress team.letter
  • Dr. Christo Ackermann, University of Johannesburg, South Africa: My experience was great since inception. I got quick acknowledgment of receipt of paper‎ in the journal of Governance and Regulation and was amazed by the three week turn around time. The report was detailed explaining why a specific article is good and suitable for publication, this was readily available. We are given an opportunity before publication to review the paper once more and I really appreciated this as it provides one more quality check from the authors perspective. I will definitely submit future articles for consideration for publication.
  • Dr. Rigard J Steenkamp, Professor, Department of Operations
    Management, Unisa, South Africa:
    Thank you for personalizing the communication to contributors of your journals, journal of Governance and Regulation, and Corporate Ownership and Control. It is my experience that your journals are known for transparency in terms of review lead time and publish ability. Some journals may take months to acknowledge submissions and providing feedback to authors. Contributors do appreciate your style in terms of the editorial team summary of the reviewer’s report, the date of writing the reviewer’s report, stating the applicable journal and providing summarized notes of the reviewer and/or editor. This is positive because some institutions demand this if articles qualify for government subsidy. I therefore want to conclude by thanking you for your cooperation, clear and prompt communication with contributors and especially your responsiveness. This dimension of your service quality can be regarded as a strategic performance objective of your business. The availability of the reviewers’ report(s) is another distinct competency.
  • Dr. Zeleke Worku, Professor, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Business School, South Africa: I am sending you this letter appreciation in order to express my sincere appreciation on the quality of professional services that you have provided to students and academic staff of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Business School in Pretoria, South Africa. We wish to thank for taking the time to complete the scientific and editorial review of research manuscripts that were submitted to the following journals on the IBSS list: Corporate Ownership and Control Journal; Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition Journal; Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutions Journal; Journal of Governance and Regulation. Please keep up the good work that you have done in the past. Mr. Solomon Khale, one of my DTech students at TUT Business School, has benefited significantly from your professional leadership and mentorship in the course of working on the valuable comments and inputs that you have given him. We value and appreciate your scholarly inputs, intellectual leadership, scientific insights and technical suggestions. We will be looking forward to working with you in the year 2016.
  • Dr. Rebecca Tladinyane, University of South Africa, South Africa: "I want to express my greatest gratitude and pleasure working with the Journal of Governance and Regulation. You really made the journey of publishing in an accredited Journal to be very manageable. Your prompt response to the emails made it easier to liaise with. The peer review report by the reviewers was of high quality and efficiency in which my paper was reviewed and published very incomparable."
  • Dr. Patricia Crifo, University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense - Economix, Ecole Polytechnique and CIRANO Ecole Polytechnique Department of Economics, France: "To give you some small feedback concerning my cooperation with your journal, I found that the communication with the editorial team of the journal was very good (efficient in time and response), the responsiveness of the editorial team was optimal (responses received within 48h at most), and the reviewing process very fast and efficient."
  • Dr. Tamer A. El Nashar, The American University in Cairo, Egypt: "It was my pleasure to cooperate with your journal for publishing two papers. I found the communication with the editorial team of the journal is very effective , which was clear in the rich feed back for my inquires. The responsive of the editorial team is more than perfect as none of the feed back came late more than few hours. The reviewing process has a value added to improve my papers and learning for further opportunities. The Website of the journals and your overall institute is very fruitfull to help guide and add to the fields of studies. Analysing a sample of papers published by your website gave me a cornerstone for future papers whether empirically or narratively. Thanks and looking forward for future cooperation."
  • Dr. Sankarshan Acharya, Director, Research Center on Finance and Governance, India & University of Illinois at Chicago ( "The very foundation of the Journal of Governance and Regulation is seminal, peerless and paramount to attain the unanimously agreeable and universally desired individual freedom. JGR has uniquely fostered independent scholarly research - not funded by vested interests - which rationally challenges the academically pervasive dogmatic presumption of other established journals that rules of law ordained by democratically elected leaders are holy cows which should not be discoursed or published. JGR has published my papers on unanimously agreeable rules of governance - which are profoundly necessary and sufficient for unanimously longed individual freedom - that other established academic journals have refused to even review. It seems the other established academic journals do not care for individual freedom. This seems ironical because individual freedom is vital for enterprise and perseverance necessary for creation of wealth needed to fund these journals. But it is not surprising because these journals are funded by systemically robbed wealth. By returning papers on unanimously agreeable rules of governance without review, these journals show deep anxiety about a sudden stop to systemic robbery and their funding with propagation of the unanimously rules of governance which singularly
    dismantle even surreptitious robbery. This is why JGR will shine as a leader in publication of unanimously agreeable and universally longed rules of governance."
  • Rui P. N. Santos, author of “The Dynamics of Deflation in a Growing Economy”: "My interaction with the journal was very easy - editor and general staff were always very solicitous and with rapid answers. A very clear deadline was established for the subimission of the paper in case this were to be published in the next issue and a average reviewing time period was also indicated at the beggining. The review by the editor happened to be timely (although I think the editor had a first contact with the paper though an early version in SSRN) and it came with a report indicating a clear and objective suggestion for improvement in a part of the paper. As soon as the change was made and the paper was definitley accepted for publication I was sent a formal letter of acceptance by the Journal saying that the paper were to be published in the current year. In general I can say there was an excellent cooperation with the Journal of Governance and Regulation."
  • Dr. Andrea Lippi, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy: "The journal is characterized by a streamlined editorial structure that allows easy communication with the editor. Rapid decision-making is a very important element. The submission fee is adequate."
  • Ryan Jacildo, Asian Development Bank, of Ms. Niny Khor and Ms. Ruth Tacneng, School of Economics and Management, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Portugal): "We would like to express our gratitude to the editorial staff of the Journal of Governance and Regulation. The editorial staff of JGR coordinated the review proceedings efficiently. The comments were precise and reasonable. The correspondence was personalized, which we appreciate. The review process itself and the turnaround time after we responded to the comments were relatively swift. It was a good experience working with Virtus Interpress."
  • Dr. Sven Larson, Economist and Public Policy Researcher with Hill City Skunkworks, The USA: "The Journal of Governance and Regulation is a well-run, quality-driven journal. It covers important topics outside of the traditional academic disciplines. There is a high need for this type of journals, since modern academic research is mostly problem oriented and topic driven. The journal management is professional and very good at interacting with authors. I was especially impressed with the peer-review process, which was detail-oriented and informative. Definitely helped me improve my paper. If you have a paper that falls within their field, I do recommend you submit it to them."
  • Nesrin Benhayoun, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco; James Fogal, Notre Dame de Namur University, USA: “I was, indeed, very lucky to publish with the distinguished accredited Journal of Governance and Regulation. The kindness of the team members of Virtus Interpress has made the reviewing/publishing process fluid, very manageable and highly professional. The reactivity and the efficiency of the Journal editorial process were proved and too appreciated by both of us: co-authors Prof. James Fogal, Notre Dame de Namur University, USA and I) Actually, I am looking forward to submitting future papers to Virtus Interpress. Warm wishes for more success!"
  • Dana Eshimova, Deputy Chairperson of the Board, Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership: "I wish to share my experience of communicating with the Journal of Governance and Regulation. From that perspective, I am pleased to note its excellent submission process, friendly communication, expeditious replies and adequacy of review processing. In my view, the Journal indeed projects new and user friendly editorial values. Moreover, it cultivates an understanding of what its reader has long cherished to see about the journal. And, in that sense, the Journal of Governance and Regulation fully meets the requirements of one of this high caliber.
    Moreover, the articles posted by the Journal capture beautifully the sentiments of a reader who may wish to be tuned to discover new interests, learn about science-driven facts that may occur far beyond the reader’s habitually comfort zones of attention. In that sense, the Journal helps essentially widen the scope of the peripheral vision of a reader to catch site of a much wider, global story, and get interested in the topic that one becomes passionate about. In my observations, the principles that govern the smooth functioning of the Journal are tailored to primarily meet a reader’s requirements: every subscriber gets the same rundown of the most important information posted on the front page: a sense of inclusive, shared experience guides the layout. That, in many ways, is the unique essence of the Journal. We are proud of the experience of reading the Journal, all with input and appreciation from its readers. With that, we commend on its performance."
  • Dr. Alicja Brodzka, Department of Finance, Wrocław University of Economics, Poland: “It was a pleasure to cooperate with the Journal of Governance and Regulation. Fast and reliable procedures have made the entire publishing process really effective. Valuable reviews have further improved the quality of submitted paper. But what I would like to emphasize the most, is the great contact with the editor of the Journal. Excellent responsiveness, clear feedback process, even final tips suggesting the ways of promoting the paper in order to gain maximum citations - every item deserves the recognition. Thank you very much for your cooperation!”
  • Dr. Magdi El-Bannany, University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and Ain Shames University in Egypt: "The concept of the Journal is covering a wide range of interesting topics which guided me to be focused in writing my research paper. The submission process is clear and the constructive feedback I received from the reviewers helped me to improve the quality of the paper. Based on this good experience with the Journal of Governance and Regulation, I am intending to continue my research work with the Journal. "
  • Dr. Yudha Aryo Sudibyo, Faculty of Economics & Business, Jenderal Soedirman University, Indonesia: “My articles have been published in this publisher several times, and the editorial team worked quickly and very responsive. The reviewers gave comments, which could improve the article quality, they worked very professionally. I really appreciate the completeness of reviewing process and reports related to language and the paper contents.”
  • Ken Miyajima, Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund, USA: “From the first submission to publication, the entire process was very effective. We appreciated clear and timely communication throughout. The excellent review comments helped enhance the quality of the manuscript.”
  • Dr. Antonia Rosa Gurrieri, University of Foggia, Italy: “Collaboration with JGR is very positive for experts scholars. The possibility of interaction with anonymous experts’ referees seems productive in a growth perspective. Moreover, before and after acceptance, cooperation with Editorial Team is very efficient, in terms of rapidity and quality.”
  • Dr. Samithamby Senthilnathan, International Training Institute, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: “It is our great pleasure to experience our paper-publication in the Journal of Governance and Regulation. The publication process that the journal has makes the authors get the feedback, acknowledgement and paper-publication in time. The paper-submission to the journal was easy and direct. The feedback on the papers submitted was specific and clear, and the authors were allowed to confirm the paper-publication to meet their expectations. It is a great opportunity for the authors to act with confidence to bring the paper published from their perspective. All these must be highly valued and appreciated. We have enjoyed and experienced the great and pleasure moments while working with our publications in the Journal of Governance and Regulation. Also, we wish the Journal of Governance and Regulation to have a successful journey through publications as to be useful to academic communities globally”.
  • Saleem Salman, School of Business, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland: “It is a great pleasure to publish in the Journal of Governance and Regulation team. I would love to say that the editorial team is very professional and has worked diligently to get my paper to publish. I have received the comments from the reviewers within two months and after addressing the reviewer comments I have received feedback on the revision within one week. In nutshell, the publication process is very efficient as I do not have to wait for a longer period. Also, I would like to thanks to the editor for valuable comments and feedback for the improvement of the paper. Besides the journals publishing team is very efficient as they responded quickly and get the publication process done on time. I look forward to submitting future papers and working with the Virtus Interpress team”.

Feedback from reviewers:

  • Dr. Laurent Cappelletti, Professor of Management Control at CNAM, France: “I confirm that the communication with the Editorial team was clear. In particular I received all the necessary information with regard to the review. To me, the review process is decent enough and the time frame devoted to the review is sufficient to perform the evaluation of the papers.”
  • Dr. Goran Kovachev, Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion, Macedonia: “It was a great pleasure to be part of the Journal of Governance and Regulation’s reviewing team. I had the honor to review excellent papers with extraordinary support of the Editorial Board. Clear and accurate requirements and on-time responses was a value-added to the Board. The anonymity of the manuscripts stresses the process objectivity which is crucial during reviewing. I would be glad if this collaboration continues in future.”
  • Dr. Brian S. Davis, Associate Professor of Finance, The Pennsylvania State University, the USA: "It was a sincere pleasure to act as a reviewer for the Journal of Governance and Regulation. As a reviewer, I found the process to be detailed in scope, with clear guidelines for a rigorous, concise and comprehensive process for evaluating manuscripts. The administrative team was always helpful in terms of support and more than reasonable expectations regarding deadlines and guidelines for the reviewer. It was a pleasure to be involved in the process and found the submissions to be of high quality. I sincere hope to be a part of the Journal going forward."
  • Dr. Valeria Stefanelli, Università del Salento, Italy: "I’m a reviewer of the Journal. I really appreciate the refereeing process, the information provided and the time granted for the evaluation of the paper".
  • Dr. Bashar H. Malkawi, Dean and Professor of law, College of Law, University of Sharjah, UAE: "I have had the honor of serving as an external reviewer for manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Governance and Regulation. The review process is rigorous and meets the highest standards of professionalism. The identities of the reviewers and authors remain anonymous. The editor asks the reviewer to base his/her recommendation on whether the article presents a clear thesis and whether it provides, among other things, a meaningful contribution to the fields. I am very proud to see articles published in the journal being widely read and cited. I highly encourage researchers to consider for the Journal of Governance and Regulation for their manuscripts."
  • Dr. Marina Nehme, Director of Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Law, UNSW Law, Australia: “It was a pleasure to review a paper for the Journal of Governance and Regulation. The requirement for reviewing the paper were clear. The form used was simple and to the point. It covered key issues that referees usually comment on. The communication with the team was very good. The timeframe for review was also generous.”
  • Prof. Andrea Sacco Ginevri, Full Professor of Economic Law at the International Telematic University “UNINETTUNO”, Rome, Italy: “I am very pleased to act as a Reviewer for the Journal of Governance and Regulation. In my opinion, the reviewing process is very efficient and well-organized thanks to the Editor’s great responsiveness and to the support offered by the entire editorial team. In addition, even if quite fast, the whole process is accurate and guarantees high-quality standards. In particular, the criteria and guidelines identified in the “Reviewer’s Report” are rigorous, concise and comprehensive and allow the Reviewer to evaluate in detail each paper. I really appreciate this experience and I wish to cooperate with the Journal also in the future".
  • Harit Satt, Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting, School of Business Administration, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco: “It was my great pleasure working as a member of the editorial team for the journal of Governance and Regulation. All stakeholders are of a high level of integrity, professionalism and responsiveness. The review process goes smooth and clear, from receiving the initial manuscript, to the reviewed draft. Besides the journal of governance and regulations, I am working with Virtus Interpress on other outlets, it is always a real pleasure”.
  • Dr. Neale J Slack, Fiji National University, Fiji: “I was previously requested, and with pleasure accepted, to review one manuscript submitted to the Journal of Governance and Regulation. From the initial request to become a reviewer for Virtus Interpress, and throughout all stages of the review process, I have found the Senior Managing Editor to be polite, prompt, concise and informative in her communications. This has made the review process less complex for me as a reviewer. Additionally, the review process is simplified by a self-explanatory manuscript review template, that also allows for comprehensive feedback and suggestions by the reviewer to the author(s). The quick manuscript review turnaround time expected by the journal is important, as feedback and suggestions are promptly provided to the author(s). I also attest to the diligence and impartiality of reviewers in the review process. It is on this basis that I welcome the opportunity to review additional manuscripts submitted to this journal. I also highly recommend author(s) to submit their manuscripts in governance and regulation to this journal”.
  • Dr. Shab Hundal, Senior Lecturer, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland: “It is my utmost pleasure to be affiliated with the Journal of Governance and Regulation as the external reviewer. I have no hesitation to say that the review process of the journal is not only transparent and streamlined but also maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. However, I must mention that the core emphasis of the journal is to publish high-quality research that is rigorous, relevant, and interesting. As a reviewer of the journal, I enjoy full autonomy. I receive immense cooperation from the managing editor and other support staff of the journal. The best part of the journal is the amount of ‘care’ that the journal provides to the authors. The journal leaves no stone unturned in increasing the readership of the research articles. I strongly recommend researchers, especially those at the early phase of their academic career, to consider the Journal of Governance and Regulation to publish their manuscripts”.
  • Prof. Tariq H. Ismail, Professor and Head of the Accounting Department, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, Egypt: “Virtus Interpress plays an important role in the publishing industry; it opens an avenue for researchers across the world to have their work published in esteems and ranked journals. As a reviewer for the Journal of Governance and Regulations, I encourage researchers to submit manuscripts for possible publications. Journals’ response time is reasonable as well as reviewers’ comments are constructive. The editorial team of the journal is supportive and manages the publication process in a very professional manner. Based on my long experience in the field of scientific publications as an author, reviewer, and editorial board member for a quite number of International top tier journals, I can say that Virtus Intrerpress should be referred to as an interdisciplinary global publishing house. It has succeeded in bringing scholars together from all around the globe to provide its combination of theory, as well as its empirical and comparative investigations. The Journal of Governance and Regulation supports young scholars of those in less advantaged academic settings while providing a unique opportunity for those who are seeking to make a small difference through their work and contribute to the research’ value creation”.