Journal of Governance and Regulation: The authors’ and reviewer’s feedback

The editorial team of the Publishing House Virtus Interpress continues to implement its transparency policy in terms of communication with the authors and reviewers as key stakeholders. In this regard, we are glad to share new feedback from the authors who have recently published their papers in the Journal of Governance and Regulation and from the reviewer of the journal.

Dr. Magdi El-Bannany, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, the UAE: “I would like to thank the editorial board of Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition journal for choosing me to act as a reviewer for the Journal of Governance and Regulation. It is an honor to act as a reviewer for a Scimago recognized ranking Journal. This recognition reflects that the journal is adopting an internationally accepted reviewing process. The structure template sent by the journal to the reviewer makes the reviewing process an enjoyable task as it determines exactly what is expected to be done by the reviewer within a specific time framework”.

Njomeza Zejnullahu, Faculty of Law, University of Business and Technology, Pristina, the Republic of Kosovo: "I would like to emphasize the great experience that I had as a researcher in working with and publishing at the Journal of Governance and Regulation. The most important feature of this cooperation was the efficiency of the entire process, starting from the review and ending with technical details. The reviewers and staff made sure that comments are received as soon as possible and addressed accordingly, without pressure but with polite and efficient reminders. It was a smooth and professional process publishing in the Journal of Governance and Regulation. Definitely, I will be back".

Tafirei Mashamba, Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo, Zimbabwe; University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa: "It was an awesome publication journey with the editorial team of the Journal of Governance and Regulation, especially the Senior Managing Editor Olha Lytvynenko. Their feedback was prompt and their English editing service was excellent. The guys are patient and receptive and I enjoyed working with them. I have made the journal, one of my first priority journals given their quality and prompt services. Overall, I enjoyed working with the team from this journal".

Dr. Akinola George Dosunmu, Department of Adult Basic Education, College of Education, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa: “My correspondence with the managing editor of the Journal of Governance and Regulation was fantastic in terms of response to queries regarding my draft article from the beginning till the publication of my article. The editor of the journal promptly replied to any urgent emails within hours. The reviewing process was timely and accurate. Contents of the reviewer’s reports addressed issues concisely related to the draft article and well-presented recommendations were made for appropriate corrections on the part of the author. I am satisfied working with the entire editorial team of the journal”.

Ayyagari Lakshmana Rao, Department of Commerce, School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies, SRM University, Andhra Pradesh, India: "At the outset, it is worth to mention here that relatively very few journals publish the feedback of the authors, it is a good practice asking for author’s feedback, as far as a researcher and author my view is that the review process is very robust and no compromise on quality and further it is majorly concerning on the outcome to the body of literature in the field of corporate governance and regulation, it can be said with gut feeling that, this is a dedicated journal in the field of corporate governance and its allied aspects. The journal provides a valuable treasure of knowledge to any researcher in the area of corporate governance. The editing process stands high in all respects starting from reception of the manuscript till its publication, the published literature is very much useful both to the industry and academia across the globe".

Emmanuel Mutambara, Graduate School of Business & Leadership, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, South Africa: "I write to acknowledge how well the review process has helped in improving my academic papers. I would like to confirm that the comments provided by reviewers have improved the quality of the papers. In addition, the time frames provided by the reviewers have kept me in the mode to complete the paper. The review process is clear and straightforward. The content provided by the reviewers has modelled the paper into one that is international, something that was missing in the original submission".

More comments of authors and reviewers of the Journal of Governance and Regulation are available here.