New Editorial Board members: Corporate Ownership and Control journal

We are glad to present new editorial board members who will add their expertise to the review process and assuring that our journals correspond to the high standards of the academic publishing.

New Editorial Board members for the Corporate Ownership and Control journal are presented below:

Prof. Kotaro Inoue, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Kotaro Inoue, a Professor of Finance at Tokyo Institute of Technology, holds an undergraduate degree from University of Tokyo, MBA from Massachusetts Institute Technology, and a Ph.D. from Tsukuba University.
Kotaro has worked on corporate finance, corporate governance, law and finance, behavioral finance. He is the author of several books related to M&A or governance, such as the prize-winning book “M&A and Stock Prices” (in Japanese, 2006); and has published research results exemplified by papers such as “Corporate Restructuring in Japan: Who Monitors the Monitor?” (Journal of Banking and Finance, 2008) and “Post-restructuring performance in Japan,” (Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 2010). Kotaro has served as a board member of Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance (2009-2011) and a board member of Asian Finance Association from 2012. He served as a Director at KPMG Corporate Finance for five years until 2003, in charge of M&A transactions and Corporate Restructuring. He served as an Associate Professor of Finance at Nagoya City University (2003-2007) and Keio University Business School (2007-2012). He is also a head of Inoue Laboratory which is focusing on research in the field of Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance.

Prof. Karen Hogan, Professor and Chair at the Department of Finance, Saint Joseph’s University, the USA

Prof. Hogan received her B.S. at the LaSalle University in 1986 Magna Cum Laude. Her PhD dissertation was defended at Lehigh University in 1994. Here major research interests belong to the sphere of Finance, International, and Economics. She is a member of the Board of Governors at the Academy of Insurance and Risk Management, Faculty Founder and Liaison for Philadelphia Insurance Scholarship Program, Founding Member of the Delaware Valley Financial Leaders Network, recipient of numerous research and teaching awards and grants. She has publications in many leading academic journals in finance and management.

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