New book has been released

Publishing House Virtus Interpress is proud to announce a release of a new book titled “Financial literacy in Italy: Empirical evidence and theoretical proposals” co-authored by Gian Paolo Stella, Umberto Filotto, and Enrico Maria Cervellati.

The book investigates the issue of financial literacy from theoretical and empirical points of view, providing evidence related to Italy. This piece of research is motivated by the increasing complexity of financial instruments and by the evolution of individuals’ needs that result in the necessity to implement measures to increase individuals’ financial literacy as a sufficient degree of financial literacy is a necessary condition for financial welfare.

The book is structured as follows: the first and the second sections present an extended and critical comparison of previous studies and evidence related to financial literacy at an international level, both from traditional finance and behavioural finance approaches, the third section observes the relationship between behavioural propensities, financial literacy, and personality traits, using a survey of Italian respondents, while the fourth section deals with financial literacy as an indicator of economic inequalities between Italian regions and shows how the differences in gross domestic product between Italian macro-regions are associated with financial literacy proxies.

The book “Financial literacy in Italy: Empirical evidence and theoretical proposals” is an Open Access book, you can find detailed information about the book, read and download it here.