New issue of the Corporate & Business Strategy Review journal

We are glad to present the second issue of the journal Corporate & Business Strategy Review in 2021.

The papers therein discuss the questions of corporate and business strategy, including personality traits, student satisfaction, great recession, central banks, monetary policy, employees’ performance, intellectual capital, market-based financial performance, value-added intellectual coefficient, etc.

The issue starts with the study of Christina D. Patitsa, Alexandros G. Sahinidis, Panagiotis A. Tsaknis, and Venetia Giannakouli who aim to identify the role personality plays in students’ satisfaction with synchronous online academic learning (SOAL), especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the purpose of this research, an online questionnaire was delivered to undergraduate business students of a public university in Athens during the first spring lockdown period of 2020.

Richard Fast compares the solutions presented by Keynes and Hayek to end recessions. The author found that the two theories found different conclusions and presented singular views of crisis. The paper also presents some suggestions to help to surpass economic recessions.

The research of Mohammed Worku shows that the performance of the employee is negatively related to stress when analyzing the performance of the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority in South West Ethiopia. The author recommends reducing stress, adjusting the schedule work, assigning employees responsibility, promoting positive organizational culture and improving the organizational climate to benefit the companies’ performance.

In their study, Eniola Ayisat Sulaiman, Abubakar Sadiq Kasum, and Wasiu Ajani Musa argue that variations in market financial performance are related to variations in intellectual capital components disclosure when analyzing quoted companies on the Nigeria conglomerate sector. To make good decisions companies should report intellectual capital components in the way to comply with the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) for financial reporting for use by both internal and external stakeholders.

The editorial team hopes for fruitful cooperation with scholars, who have scientific interests consistent with the theme of the journal.

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