New issue of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review journal

The editorial team of Virtus Interpress is happy to introduce the first issue of the journal “Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review” in 2022. This issue contains the papers dedicated to various corporate governance and sustainability issues, i.e., globalization, cultural economics, labor policy, sustainability reporting, financial performance, stakeholder theory, macroeconomic factors, stock market, IFRS, value relevance, convergence, financial reporting, etc.

In the first article of this issue, Eleftherios M. Colocassides explores the relationships between good communication and the performance of the tourism and hospitality sector in Cyprus. In this sense, multiculturalism and globalization are reviewed in relation to the performance of this industry and which is in harmony with the communication skills that can be developed.

In the second study, Mehandi Mamun reviews the stakeholder theory through an empirical study of the electrical companies in Australia. In this interesting paper, comparisons are made taking into consideration the sustainability reports and facing the financial performance of these organizations in the southern country. Undoubtedly, the discoveries of this study are enriching to be able to approach the stakeholder theory and its relationship with the shareholder theory.

Mousumi Bhattacharya and Sharad Nath Bhattacharya review the relationships between macroeconomic variables and performance in India’s financial markets. Their study is important for market participants and policymakers as macroeconomic factors may be the source of systematic risk that influences the stock market. The authors employ factor analysis as a solution to the multicollinearity issues associated with multiple macroeconomic factors. Using three statistical factors built from macroeconomic factors, they show how they impact the stock market, particularly during up and down market conditions.

In the next study, S. Veena Iyer and Lata Chakravarthy address one of the most interesting issues arising from globalization that has occurred in recent years in various countries at the international level, this is the issue of convergence. In their paper, the authors discuss how Indian companies have carried out IFRS convergence processes and what impact such adoption methods have on determining the value of such an organization.

The final paper in this issue authored by Hamzeh Al Amosh and Saleh Fadel Ahmad Khatib aims to provide an up-to-date look at the reality of the theories used in disclosure literature, including stakeholder theory, legitimacy theory, agency theory, signaling theory, institutional theory. The paper contributes to shedding light on the reality of researchers’ interpretation of the detection motives and defining the theoretical perspectives used in preliminary theoretical analysis. Based on the relevant literature on corporate information disclosure, this paper constructs a theoretical framework to integrate the disclosure theory and gives a comprehensive theoretical explanation.

The full issue of the journal is available at the following link.

We wish you pleasant and informative reading!