New feedback from the authors

Publishing House “Virtus Interpress” continues to implement it’s transparency policy in terms of communication with the key stakeholders – authors. This time we would like to publish some new pieces of feedback of the authors who published their papers in the Scopus indexed Corporate Ownership and Control journal. You will find them below:

  • Marco Fazzini, PhD, Full professor of Financial Accounting, Università Europea di Roma, Italy: “I have had an opportunity to publish a paper in Corporate Ownership and Control Journal twice. In both cases I appreciated the support and the responsiveness of the Editor, who constantly updated me about the various steps of the process. The reviewing process provides a great service and is very supportive in all the phases: the suggestions are really effective and improved the quality of my paper”.
  • Halil D. Kaya, PhD, Associate Professor, Northeastern State University, USA: “My publication process with “Corporate Ownership and Control” has been smooth. The editor is always very responsive to emails; he promptly answers any questions that the authors may have. He also guides the authors throughout the whole process. I am also impressed with the referees’ constructive comments. These comments force authors to improve their paper. Also, the general quality of the papers in the journal is high. Overall, I am very satisfied with the publication process at “Corporate Ownership and Control”.
  • Gisele Mah, PhD, School of Economics & Decision Sciences, North West University, South Africa: “In relation to communication with the editor of the journal Corporate Ownership and Control, I found professionalism, timely and good communication. The editor responses to emails and do so on time. For the reviewing process, it takes time which is fine. Mine took about two months. The process to me is fine and simple to follow. In the case of the availability of the reviewers’ report, it is always made available to the author. The review comments add more value to the paper to be published. The material is read and constructive comments are made. I really find this journal good.”
  • Afzalur Rashid, PhD, School of Commerce, University of Southern Queensland, Australia: “The submission and review time of the journal ‘Corporate Ownership and Control’ is very reasonable. The editor of the journal responses author queries on time. The timely delivery and availability of review reports and needless to say the reviewers’ comments help the author to improve the quality of their papers.”
  • Evada Dewata, PhD, Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya University, Indonesia: “Communication with the editor of the journal carried out quickly. I get a sufficient explanation for everything that I don’t understand, especially in the article submission process. There’s quickly respons for the article submission and comparing with other Scopus indexed international journals, in Corporate Ownership & Control Journal, review process of the article take no longer time. In addition, the availability of reviewer reports is quite good and clear.”

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