Poverty, gambling, and law in the digital economy

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The dark side of the underground economy has advanced alongside the bright side of economic progress through improved communications during this digital age (Kraiwanit, 2016). Poverty and inequality are issues that all countries must address (Rachman et al., 2021). This study investigates the level of poverty and gambling along with the relationship between poverty and gambling in the digital economy and explains the law and regulations governing poverty and gambling in the digital economy. A mixed methodology approach was utilised. For the quantitative aspect, closed-ended questionnaires were administered to 400 respondents, and the resulting data were analysed using a logit model. As for the qualitative component, the documentary method was employed, and the qualitative data were analysed using content analysis. The study reveals the significant roles played by poverty, gambling, and legislation in the digital economy. It is essential for the government and relevant agencies to implement control measures to mitigate the risks associated with problem gambling. Establishing laws such as social welfare programmes, employment regulations, and consumer protection measures can alleviate the impact of poverty and gambling. These legal frameworks ensure equitable access to essential resources and opportunities for financial betterment.

Keywords: Poverty, Gambling, Law, Regulation, Digital Economy

Authors’ individual contribution: Conceptualization — M.P. and T.C.; Methodology — M.P. and T.C.; Software — M.P. and T.C.; Investigation — M.P.; Validation — M.P. and T.C.; Resources — M.P. and T.C.; Writing — M.P. and T.C.; Supervision — T.C.

Declaration of conflicting interests: The Authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.

JEL Classification: I38, K23, K42, L38

Received: 04.04.2023
Accepted: 05.09.2023
Published online: 08.09.2023

How to cite this paper: Prasertsiwaporn, M., & Chomtohsuwan, T. (2023). Poverty, gambling, and law in the digital economy. Corporate Law & Governance Review, 5(2), 109–116. https://doi.org/10.22495/clgrv5i2p12