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This paper examines risks and critical factors contributing to the rural entrepreneurial orientation growth of businesses. The concept of entrepreneurial orientation and various factors influencing the rural entrepreneurial orientation growth are still not well known. The study aimed to assess risks and critical factors affecting rural entrepreneurial orientation growth of businesses. Questionnaire was developed and used to collect primary data from 127 rural entrepreneurs. The sample was made with small and medium entrepreneurs operating in rural places. They were selected using quota sampling, with respondents completing a questionnaire with the assistance of an interviewer. The study used quantitative technique for data collection. SPSS (23.0) version was used for data analysis and scientific statistical significance level found to be (.000*) at the Cronbach’s alpha (.791*) reliability. Results of the survey reveal that majority indicates competition as a big challenge for them. Findings further indicate that competitor is due to the small market and lack of products differentiation. This study introduces an additional literature in the field of entrepreneurship with specific reference to rural entrepreneurship. The paper will benefit rural entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial marketing managers, potential young entrepreneurs, business consultants, policymakers, financial institutions, government agencies and all affiliated stakeholders by introducing a new understanding of risks and various critical factors causative into rural entrepreneurial orientation growth of business in an emerging economy. Most work on the entrepreneurship development has concentrated in the urban areas with little emphasis on the rural places. The findings of this study limited by study’s exploratory, small sample and quantitative nature. Therefore, generalisation of results should be done with care and further research is encouraged and should aim at the development of technical skills that will empower and encourage entrepreneurial orientation growth culture among rural and young entrepreneurship in the developing and emerging economies countries.

Keywords: Rural Entrepreneurship, Emerging Economy, Business Orientation, Risks

How to cite this paper: Lekhanya, L., & Visser, K. (2016). Risks and factors contributing towards rural entrepreneurial orientation growth of business in an emerging economy. Risk governance & control: financial markets & institutions, 6(4), 72-83. https://doi.org/10.22495/rcgv6i4art10