Risk Governance and Control journal: the best reviewer reward 2016

As it was announced previously, editorial team of the Risk Governance and Control journal was making records and estimating the activity of the reviewers who have provided their professional advices with regard to the papers submitted to the Journal during 2016.

We would like to admit the excellent attitude and high professional standards with which all reviewers of the journal and members of the editorial board attended to the task of evaluating research papers addressed to the Journal. On the other hand, in order to facilitate and motivate distinguished devotion to the review task we’ve decided to select and note those experts who had provided reviews of exceptional quality for the Risk Governance and Control journal.

We’ve selected such experts based on several criteria, such as: responsiveness and punctuality of the review feedback; the quality and size of the review report and recommendations etc.

Based on the above mentioned criteria we would like to extend special thanks to such experts:

It was not an easy task for us to select only three laureates because as we’ve already mentioned the majority of the reviews were of a very high quality.

We will definitely continue this tradition next year and will again select most devoted reviewers for the Journal at the end of 2017. We hope that this award will help us to maintain high standards of the review process and quality of the papers on one hand and on the other hand to note and appreciate time and professional expertise of our reviewers.