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Shouji Sun, Jiye Hu ORCID logo


The impact of pension assets on financial development is both quantitatively and qualitatively. On quantitatively, pension funds increase capital supply to financial market. On qualitatively, pension funds as institutional investors could promote corporate governance, information disclosure and transaction efficiency. Based on regression results of 55 countries and regions, we find that different pension systems formed different size of pension fund; every 1% increase of the pension funds’ assets could bring about 0.15%-0.23% increase of the market value, which could explain cross-countries difference of financial development. Based on panel data analysis, we find that the impact of pension fund on financial development is very significant especially in civil law and underdeveloped countries. By using co-integration analysis and vector auto regression model (VAR) with time series data of Chile, we find positive relationship between pension funds and financial development again. The empirical results indicate that legal origin, endowment and pension fund views are not exclusive but compatible. A country cannot change its legal origin and endowment, but it can change pension policies and reform social security system. A funded pension system with accumulates pension assets could promote a country’s financial development and economic growth.

Keywords: Legal Origin; Endowment; Pension Fund System; Financial Development

How to cite this paper: Sun, S., & Hu, J. (2014). The impact of pension systems on financial development: An empirical study. Risk governance & control: financial markets & institutions, 4(3-1), 119-130.