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Iordanis Eleftheriadis, Vasilios Vyttas


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The basic idea of this article is to measure the risk and performance of public organizations, making use of a multi-factor model. Specifically, the purpose of this thesis theoretically and practically refers to the evaluation of the efficiency of the selected model in relation to the potential risks that public organizations are called upon to take, and also regarding the evaluation of their performance today and in the future. The model was measured at the level of efficiency as to whether it can be used in state organizations for the assessment of economic, operational (current and future) risks and the generic satisfaction of the administration, the generalized self-efficacy of the administration and the performance of the organization. The findings that emerged through the research field showed that the selected tool was implemented through six (6) scales: the economic risk, consisting of 15 elements, the operational risk measurement scale, the generic satisfaction of the administration which consisted from ten items, the generalized self-efficacy of the administration which consisted from six items and the performance of the organization which consisted from six items. The research carried out was quantitative for the final sample of 60 individuals, while the final analysis was performed with the SPSS program. The results showed the relationship of the selected model with the management of the risk on the administrative and financial level, as well as the improvement of the performance of the public organizations.

Keywords: Economic Risk, Operational Risk, Performance, Administration Satisfaction, Efficacy, Public Sector Organizations

Received: 27.10.2018
Accepted: 11.12.2018
Published online: 13.12.2018

How to cite this paper: Eleftheriadis, E., & Vyttas, V. (2018). The measurement of risk and performance in public organizations. Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions, 8(4), 7-15.