Updated feedback from the authors

We are glad to publish updates to the feedback from the authors of the papers published in the Corporate Ownership and Control. This time we’ve received 4 comments from the authors representing research schools is Jordan, Portugal and South Africa.

For the complete list of the comments please visit this page.

Gerhard Grebe, PhD, Professor, University of South Africa: I have been publishing in the Journal Corporate Ownership and Control for the last two years. My experience thus far is a very positive one.The communications with the editor and the journal is really wonderful. I have always received timely response from Prof. Dr. Kostyuk and he makes the administrative duties involved in submitting an article for possible publication a pleasurable one. The reviewing process normally takes between 6-7 weeks which in my view is conducted in a very professional manner and provided with quality, accurate feedback. The articles which I have read from fellow academics in this journal involves academic excellence and quality, contributing the body of knowledge in their respective fields of research.

Dr. Ghada Tayem, PhD, Department of Finance, School of Business, University of Jordan: I have published twice in Corporate Ownership and Control and I find the communication with the editor and the staff to be timely and helpful. I beleive the Journal sets a reasonable deadline for sending back their acceptance/rejection decision and it adheres to this deadline. I made several inquiries during the decision process and they were all handled in a timely fashion. The reviewer report was constructive, clear and precise. After I responded to the reviewer comments I received the acceptance notification without delay. In general, I find the communication with the editor of the Journal well-ordered and the reviewing process well-organized.

Athenia Sibindi, PhD, Professor, UniSA, South Africa: I am an academic based in South Africa and wish to attest that I have been publishing my work with Virtus Journals since 2014. I have been persuaded to continue submitting my work to this group as I have received a very professional, courteous and faultless service from the Editor-in-Chief, editors of the various Journals and the professional assistants. I have been able to track the progress of my articles once submitted which also gives a peace of mind to a researcher. Their turn-around time is also commendable as one can expect feedback within eight weeks upon submission of a manuscript. Due to the nature of the rigorous blind peer review process that the Virtus group of journals undertakes, one can be assured of detailed feedback and advice on how to improve their manuscript should it be rejected. As such, I wish to unreservedly recommend this stable of Journals to any scholar who is considering publishing with them, for they can be rest assured of an excellent service.

Isabel Lourenço, PhD, Professor, ISCTE, Portugal: The journal has a prompt reviewing process. The Editor is always available to communicate with authors. The journal has valuable reviewer reports.