Volume 17 - 2020 Issue 2

Corporate Ownership and Control

EDITORIAL: Corporate governance through a prism of multi-disciplinary research

Cesario Mateus ORCID logo, Irina B. Mateus ORCID logo


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Corporate social responsibility and earnings management: A literature review

Patrick Velte ORCID logo


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Determinants of financial instruments risk disclosure: An empirical analysis in the banking sector

Alessandra Allini ORCID logo, Luca Ferri ORCID logo, Marco Maffei ORCID logo, Annamaria Zampella ORCID logo


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Joint audit, audit market concentration, and audit quality: Perceptions of stakeholders in the UAE

Yasser Barghathi ORCID logo, Esinath Ndiweni ORCID logo, Alhashmi Aboubaker Lasyoud ORCID logo


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Cost stickiness behavior and financial crisis: Evidence from the UK chemical industry

Ahmed Hassanein ORCID logo, Mohsen Younis


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The relationship between corporate governance and stock prices in the GCC financial markets

Muneer Al Mubarak ORCID logo


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Integrated sustainable performance management systems: A case study on Italian benefit corporations

Giorgia Nigri ORCID logo, Mara Del Baldo ORCID logo, Armando Agulini ORCID logo


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Impact of ownership concentration, institutional ownership and earnings management on stock market liquidity

Ahmed Imran Hunjra ORCID logo, Uzma Perveen , Leon Li ORCID logo, Muhammad Irfan Chani ORCID logo, Rashid Mehmood ORCID logo


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Founder succession and firm performance in the luxury industry

Domenico Campa ORCID logo, Mariateresa Torchia ORCID logo, Chiara Rachele Caterina Marcheselli, Patrice Sargenti ORCID logo


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The effect of financial performance and corporate governance to stock price in non-bank financial industry

Herman Karamoy ORCID logo, Joy Elly Tulung ORCID logo


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Equity incentives, earnings management and corporate governance: Empirical evidence using UK panel data

Mohamed A. Shabeeb Ali ORCID logo, Hazem Ramadan Ismael ORCID logo, Ahmed H. Ahmed ORCID logo


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A theoretical approach to auditor independence and audit quality

Rahman Yakubu ORCID logo, Tracey Williams


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Determinants of audit fees in developing countries: Evidence from Egypt

Walid ElGammal ORCID logo, Marwa Gharzeddine


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Measuring cultural dimensions for cross-cultural management: Corporate governance outlook

Rabeb Riahi ORCID logo, Foued Hamouda ORCID logo, Jamel Eddine Henchiri ORCID logo


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Shareholder composition, corporate governance and their monitoring effects on firm performance

Guido Max Mantovani ORCID logo, Gregory Moscato ORCID logo


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The impact of board diversity on firm performance – The case of Germany

Udo C. Braendle ORCID logo, Markus Stiglbauer, Khaldoun Ababneh ORCID logo, Evangelos Dedousis ORCID logo


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