Volume 4 - 2020 Issue 2

Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review

Could the Altman Z-score model detect the financial distress in Ghana? Multivariate discriminant analysis

John MacCarthy ORCID logo, Richard Amoasi-Andoh


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The effect of human capital on organizational performance: The case of sustainability issues in an e-commerce firm

Patrick Balian, Assaad Farah ORCID logo, Udo C. Braendle ORCID logo


Viewed: 61Downloads: 25

Shadow banking in India

Sankar Prudhvi ORCID logo, Mousumi Bhattacharya ORCID logo


Viewed: 105

An index to study corporate governance in banks in India

S. Sandhya ORCID logo, Dr Neha Parashar ORCID logo


Viewed: 152

Framework for responsible (sustainable) marketing

Venugopal Pingali ORCID logo


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Determinants of sustainability assurance levels: The case of French firms

Emna Klibi ORCID logo, Salma Damak-Ayadi ORCID logo, Sinda Dridi ORCID logo, Bouchra M’Zali


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Corporate fixed investment and internal liquidity: Evidence from Greek listed companies

Christos Kallandranis ORCID logo, Petros Kalantonis, Abdulkader Aljandali ORCID logo


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E-governance: A study of the concept and implementation in the emerging economy

Dhruba Lal Pandey ORCID logo, Nischal Risal ORCID logo


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