Corporate governance: A search for emerging trends in the pandemic times/Conference proceedings


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From pillars to new horizons in corporate governance research

Shab Hundal ORCID logo, Alexander Kostyuk ORCID logo, Dmytro Govorun ORCID logo

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Accountants’ perceptions of tax amnesty: A survey during the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece

Stergios Tasios ORCID logo, Evangelos Chytis ORCID logo, Stefanos Gousias

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A holistic perspective on data governance

Anacleto Correia ORCID logo, Pedro B. Água ORCID logo

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Creating and maintaining employer brand during COVID-19 in NGOs: Not a luxury, but an imperative

Mohammad A. Ta’Amnha ORCID logo, Ghazi A. Samawi ORCID logo, Metri F. Mdanat ORCID logo

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A corporate governance perspective on IT governance

Anacleto Correia ORCID logo, Pedro B. Água ORCID logo

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Corporate governance & internal audit at Greek municipal enterprises in the COVID-19 era

Michail Pazarskis ORCID logo, Andreas G. Koutoupis ORCID logo, Maria I. Kyriakou ORCID logo, Stergios Galanis ORCID logo

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Perceptions of job quality and performance in B Corporations: Evidence from the best performers in the US

Agni Dikaiou, Walter Wehrmeyer ORCID logo, Michela Vecchi ORCID logo, Angela Druckman ORCID logo

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The influences of woman on TMT on banking and financial institution performance

Jullie Jeanette Sondakh ORCID logo, Joy Elly Tulung ORCID logo, Grace B. Nangoi

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