General information

Major aim of the journal

The major aim of the journal is the publishing of the papers in the field of business performance with prior securing the high standard of quality of the papers through managing the peer and blind reviewing of the papers and further dissemination of research results to make it beneficial both for the reading audience and the reputation of the authors of the papers.

The distinctive focus of the journal is original, rigorous research with practical applications. We consider the publication of Business Performance Review as an effective instrument to put in order the debate around business performance research efforts worldwide.

Key-topics of the journal

  • Firm performance
  • Performance benchmarking and measurement
  • Business performance
  • Bank performance
  • Productivity and quality
  • Technological change and impact
  • Education and training, organisational learning
  • Academic institution performance
  • Ethical and environmental issues
  • Innovation and knowledge management
  • Operations performance
  • Outsourcing and strategic alliances
  • Modelling techniques
  • Quality management
  • Public sector management
  • Human resource performance management
  • Board of directors performance
  • ESG
  • Business performance and remuneration
  • CSR and business performance

Frequency of publishing

The journal is published by the rolling model. This means, that as soon as a paper is accepted for publication, we initiate typesetting procedures. After the approval of the paper layout by the corresponding author, we add the paper to the current issue of the journal online. There are 2 issues of the journal per year. At the end of each season, we close the formation of the issue and publish contents of it online. After this, we publish the issue in print and start forming the next issue. Such model allows us to meet modern requirements of the research community for the timely publications. The authors, whose papers are accepted earlier do not need to wait for the complete issue to be formed, but their paper will be published online straight after the acceptance.

Reading audience of the journal

The journal is aimed at researchers, lecturers, students pursuing a research in the field of business performance and related fields, practitioners.

A concept of open access

The Journal has a hybrid open-access publishing model providing 2 options of publication: gold (immediate) or subscription-based. In this way, we address respect to our network and provide an opportunity to our authors to publish their papers in OA.

Acceptance rate and turnaround time

Acceptance rate is the ratio of the number of articles submitted to the number of articles published.

‘Turnaround time’ is defined as the date from when a manuscript was first received by the journal to the date the author of the manuscript was provided with a first decision (the first report of the paper reviewer).

History of the journal

In July 2023 the international network of the Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance initiated to establish the new journal which will help academics and practitioners to develop mentioned topic in terms of scholarly papers and find proper mechanisms and instruments of business performance.

The journal ownership

Business Performance Review is owned and published by the Publishing House "Virtus Interpress".

Methods of journal’s finance and revenue sources

Methods of journals’ finance and revenue sources of the journal are article processing fees, subscriptions (for non-open access content), reprints, institutional/organizational support, etc.


Business Performance Review journal does not allow any sort of advertisement on the journal pages. The journal publishes just scholarly papers and related content (Editorials).

Direct marketing

Any direct marketing activities, including solicitation of manuscripts that are conducted on behalf of the journal, are appropriate, well targeted, and unobtrusive. Information provided about the Publisher or journal is truthful and not misleading for readers or authors.

Other important information

This journal is a member of, and subscribes to the principles of, the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

Virtus Interpress as a Publisher of the journal is a signatory of ORCID since 2018.