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Jessica Hong Yang, Nada Kakabadse ORCID logo, Dmytro Lozovskyi ORCID logo


The study aims to examine the perception of key actors regarding the costs and benefits that result from adopting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Ukraine.
Design/Methodology/Approach – The authors conducted a questionnaire survey in order to identify perceptions of financial managers of Ukrainian listed firms regarding the benefits and the costs associated with transition to IFRS. Our results showed that IFRS implementation impacts on internal reporting quality, the relationship with customers, creditors and shareholders, the access to international markets and external financing. It also indicated that financial managers have serious concerns about implementation costs related to the introduction of IFRS. These costs relate to training, instruction on IFRS adoption and translation of current IFRS, changes in software systems, double purpose accounting and deadlines for IFRS adoption and consulting services. Whilst this research has established a general model that consists of six factors, affecting IFRS relevance to Ukraine, the extent of interrelations between these factors is not clear. Thus, it may be of a great interest for future research to explore this issue in more detail and, in particular, conduct empirical research to determine the extent of interdependency between six factors in the model. The results and conclusions of this research can be of a great interest to policy makers and business practitioners since all public companies in Ukraine are obliged to adopt IFRS from 2012. It might be of interest to conduct this research on results of mandatory implementation of IFRS in Ukraine while taking into account the circumstances that suggested almost no relevance of the international accounting standards to the country at the moment of their application. This is the first metrical study that discusses the relevance of IFRS to Ukraine’s national needs.

Keywords: IFRS Adoption, Ukraine, IFRS Costs, IFRS Benefits, Implementation

How to cite this paper: Yang, J. H., Kakabadse, N., & Lozovskyi, D. (2013). International financial reporting standards (IFRS) as a change agent in Ukraine. Journal of Governance and Regulation, 2(3-1), 139-151.