New issue of the CGOBR has been published

We are pleased to present the second issue of the Corporate Governance and Organizational Review in 2018. The current issue of the journal focuses on the wide range of research topics, including various aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, organizational leadership, company performance and privatization process.

In particular, Shirley Mo-Ching Yeung explores the use of ABC costing into pioneer training services of blockchain content based distribution technology and aromatherapy for well-being with design thinking for realizing the impacts of costing model, the application of CSR/Sustainable Development concepts for quality training services. These findings provide a better understanding of costing, pioneer concepts of design thinking for the applicability of UNSDGs #3 well-being and #4 quality of education in Hong Kong. Jiaqi Sun develops a framework of operation transmission mechanism that embraces an OHS management system (OHSMS), describes the delivery of cultural value and the impact on workers’ behavior. The outcome of this applied research presents industry good practices that are field tested expertise and guides organizations implement an OHSMS that facilitates organizational leaders to deliver cultural values with appropriate leadership style and organizational health. The OHSMS encompasses, amongst others, policy, process, procedure, standards and techniques. The design of such a management system is recommended for future research. Alexander Kostyuk and Victor Barros synthetize the international conference that took place in Lisbon on October 26th, 2017, entitled “Corporate governance and company performance: Exploring the challenging issues”. Conference presenters contributed to the literature on corporate governance and innovation, providing empirical evidence with respect to the evolution of board composition and innovation over time. Scholars showed that while some board characteristics that favor the interests of shareholders might not apply to the interests of stakeholders (particularly, Board ownership), others (Board independence and Separation of Chairman/ CEO) could be shown to promote board effectiveness from the stakeholders’ perspective. Patricia Mari Matsuda and Julio Cesar Donadone investigate how a company changes after the privatization process and how this change influences its total structure, focusing on an exploratory study at AES Eletropaulo. As a result, authors able to observe the several changes that AES Eletropaulo went through, especially that, the leaders of this company had to find ways to rebuild their careers according to the new logic of the moment, which would have been facing financially.

The topics in this issue are of great interest and they deal with important aspects of organizational behavior and governance. Papers provide results of empirical research that is based on a solid methodological foundation and adds value to the existing literature on the topics covered in the journal.

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Corporate Governance and Organizational Review is published two times a year on the rolling basis. Currently, we call for papers for the next issue of the journal to be finalized in 2019. Deadline for submissions is March 1st, 2019. For instructions for authors please visit this page.