New issue of the CGOBR has been published

We are pleased to present the first issue of the Corporate Governance and Organizational Review in 2018. The current issue of the journal focuses on the wide range of research topics, including various aspects of corporate social responsibility, corporate dividend policy, bank deposits and economic development, public-private partnerships etc.

In the current journal issue, a group of papers addresses different aspects of corporate social responsibility. Julia M. Puaschunder promotes the idea of intergenerational equity in the corporate world and discusses the impact of intergenerational transfers on societal well-being. Electra Pitoska, Katarachia Androniki, and Konstantinos Giannakis explore how key stakeholders at the higher educational institutions perceive corporate social responsibility and value its practical application. Finally, Raveena Naz explains the results of the empirical study of one of the family-owned business group in India, which is well acclaimed for its CSR activities. The paper demonstrates how the business group through a series of shareholding networks reduces its legally mandated CSR liability. The second group of papers tackles various aspects of organizational behavior and operation. Manamba Epaphra and Samson S. Nyantori examine the determinants of dividend policy of listed manufacturing companies in a developing country. Two measures of dividend policy namely, dividend yield and dividend payout are examined over the 2008-2016 period. Funso T. Kolapo, Michael O. Oke, and Temitayo O. Olaniyan scrutinize bank deposits and loans issued to private-public sectors and their nexus with economic development in an emerging country over the period 1970-2016. This study adopts per capita income as the proxy for economic development, while loans to private sectors, loans to government sectors, money supply, and lending interest rate were the financial depending variables. Finally, Viwe Mrwebi, Elizabeth Chinomona, and Brighton Shumba identify the critical success factors for public-private partnerships project implementation based on the case of an emerging country.

The topics in this issue are of great interest and they deal with important aspects of organizational behavior and governance. Papers provide results of empirical research that is based on a solid methodological foundation and adds value to the existing literature on the topics covered in the journal. Developed as well as developing countries serve as a base for datasets analyzed in the papers and various periods are researched by the authors. The journal issue is valuable because it combines problems on the micro- and macroeconomic scale. Some papers evaluate the behavior of the firms and the others look how this behavior can influence macroeconomic indicators in particular markets.

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Corporate Governance and Organizational Review is published two times a year on the rolling basis. Currently, we call for papers for the next issue of the journal to be finalized in 2018. Deadline for submissions is October 1st, 2018. For instructions for authors please visit this page.