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Ann I. Ogbo ORCID logo, Happiness Ozioma Obi-Anike ORCID logo, Emmanuel Kalu Agbaeze, Wilfred Isioma Ukpere ORCID logo


The success of a security outfit depends on the strategies and structure of the organisation. The study aims to unravel the possible ways of positioning the Nigerian Police force for effective service delivery through strategic restructuring. Nigerian police was instituted by the colonial authors on the threshold of oppression to achieve subjection and control. Upon this pattern of operation, the Nigerian police force lost the confidence of the public. To position this agency for desired performance, several changes should be made in the strategies and structure of the force, de-emphasizing on the issues that are no longer recent problems and emphasizing on the current bane of the nation, such as corruption and insecurity. This paper adopted the mono-method qualitative approach which made use of secondary sources of data collection. Findings, revealed that the department of the Force that was responsible for information and intelligent gathering, the CID has lied dormant for long a time due to lack of adequate structure as a background that will add value to the department. Furthermore, the force was bedevilled with poor information gathering due to lack of trust and confidence in the police force, the level of motivation was found to be low, as there were no insurance policies for the Force. It is thus obvious to note that the Nigerian police force has suitable strategies that are capable of a sustainable performance, but it is challenged by lack of corresponding structure to work out the strategies. The study proposed that one DIG in addition to the twelve DIGs should be integrated to man a department with the duty of developing and maintaining good relationship with the public, and providing EFCC, ICPC and other crime related agencies with the needed force in discharging their duties. Finally, there is a need for an upward review of the reward and compensation package of the Nigerian Police Force as a way of stepping up on motivation, particularly in the area of training and re-training of the Police officers. A mind set of seeing a well-trained police officer as an investment to the country’s security sector which translates to security of life and properties must be developed and nurtured.

Key Words: Strategy, Structure, Nigeria Police Force, Performance

How to cite this paper: Ogbo, A. I., Obi-Anike, H. O., Agbaeze, E. K. & Ukpere, W. I. (2014). Strategic restructuring for effective police system in Nigeria. Journal of Governance and Regulation, 3(4-1), 163-173.