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This paper suggests an integration of environmental performance measurement (EPM) into conventional divisional financial performance measures as a catalyst to enhance managers’ drive toward cleaner production and sustainable development. The approach is conceptual and normative; and using a hypothetical firm, it suggests a model to integrate environmental performance measure as an ancillary to conventional divisional financial performance measures. Vroom’s motivation theory and other literature evidence indicate that corporate goals are achievable in an environment where managers’ efforts are recognised and thus rewarded. Consequently the paper suggests that environmentally motivated managers are important to propel corporate sustainability strategy toward desired corporate environmental governance and sustainable economic development. Thus this suggested approach modestly adds to existing environmental management accounting (EMA) theory and literature. It is hoped that this paper may provide an agenda for further research toward a practical application of the suggested method in a firm.

Keywords: Performance Measurement, Environmental Governance, Environmental Performance, Sustainable Economy, Environmental Accounting, Management Accounting

How to cite this paper: Ngwakwe, C. C. (2014). Towards integrating environmental performance in divisional performance measurement. Journal of Governance and Regulation, 3(3), 16-21.