Technostress impact on the intention to adopt blockchain technology in auditing companies

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Mohannad Obeid Al Shbail ORCID logo, Tareq O. Bani-Khalid ORCID logo, Husam Ananzeh ORCID logo, Huthaifa Al-Hazaima ORCID logo, Awn Al Shbail ORCID logo

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For many professionals, blockchain technology is important. However, the adoption of blockchain technology has not been effectively prepared for by auditors. Blockchain can disturb the accounting profession due to inappropriate integration, leading employees to encounter “technostress” (Smith, 2018; Fischer & Riedl, 2017). This study aims to examine how technostress affects auditors’ plans to adopt blockchain technology. The technology acceptance model (TAM) and technostress are combined in a proposed model. Accordingly, the study developed hypotheses suggesting that: technostress negatively affects the ease of use and perceived utility of the blockchain; perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness have a positive effect on favorable attitudes towards the use of the blockchain; a favorable attitude towards technology adoption impacts positively on the behavioral intention to adopt blockchain. A group of auditors (142) from Big Four (Big 4) and non-Big 4 audit firms provided information via questionnaires that were already administrated and validated. The findings support the hypotheses that technostress affects the perceived usefulness and ease of use of blockchain technology. Attitude toward adoption decision is significantly predicted by perceived usefulness and ease of use, whereas attitude toward adoption decision significantly predicts the behavioral intention to adopt blockchain technology. Overall, the findings can benefit accountants, auditors, and managers of audit firms.

Keywords: Blockchain Technology, Technostress, Auditors, Technology Acceptance Model, Jordan

Authors’ individual contribution: Conceptualization — M.O.A.S., T.O.B-K., H.A., and A.A.S.; Resources — M.O.A.S., T.O.B-K., H.A.-H., and A.A.S.; Writing — Original Draft — M.O.A.S., H.A., H.A.-H., and A.A.S.; Writing — Review & Editing — M.O.A.S. and T.O.B-K.; Supervision — M.O.A.S. and A.A.S.; Project Administration — T.O.B-K.

Declaration of conflicting interests: The Authors declare that there is no conflict of interest.

JEL Classification: M41, M42, K16

Received: 05.02.2023
Accepted: 06.09.2023
Published online: 08.09.2023

How to cite this paper: Al Shbail, M. O., Bani-Khalid, T. O., Ananzeh, H., Al-Hazaima, H., & Al Shbail, A. (2023). Technostress impact on the intention to adopt blockchain technology in auditing companies [Special issue]. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 12(3), 285–294.