What are the costs and benefits of an international corporate governance reregulation?

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This work is a research that applies the organizational model of the business organization of corporate governance, to a process of changing in the organizational structure. This paper defines the various organizational solutions and the various levels of complexity that the corporate governance structure, through its reference context, the load of available information and objectives, must support by choosing the optimal organizational solution. Before 2005 Enron under the management of the American government with logic of mass production not very attentive to the different needs of customers. Today the optimal organizational solution adopted is the "perfect integration with its distributors" throughout the peninsula, maximizing the quality of service to the customer and the knowledge of the various areas of expertise making the company more flexible and more competitive. The growing generalized attention (businesses, investors, academic circles) towards of the internal control system is part of a complex evolutionary process characterized from greater competition/boost to efficiency, emphasis on information transparency, innovative regulatory evolution. The importance of the theme of corporate governance in the world is further increased thanks to the drafting of the international Corporate Governance Code for listed companies, which aims to reassure the community of international investors on the existence, in listed companies, of an organizational model which provides for adequate allocation of responsibilities and powers, and a correct one balance between management and control.

Keywords: Corporate Governance and Regulations, Financial Markets, Board of Director, Shareholder, Stakeholder, Wealth Maximization, Organization Bottom-up

JEL Classification: G380

Received: 16.07.2018

Accepted: 04.10.2018

Published online: 23.10.2018

How to cite this paper: Di Tommaso, F. (2018). What are the costs and benefits of an international corporate governance reregulation? Journal of Governance & Regulation, 7(3), 31-36. https://doi.org/10.22495/jgr_v7_i3_p4