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This paper looks at boards from a team perspective, where insights from research on teams are used to discuss some classical problems of corporate governance. The Enron-case is used as an underlying theme as it portrays some of the biggest challenges that boards face today. Theories developed within the team literature emphasise that for boards to become more effective they need more time and better access to information as a source of knowledge, more structure and purposeful roles for directors and for the board in general, and they need to become smaller and more focused. In effect, the culture of teams could have avoided some of the blunders of the Enron board.

Keywords: Corporate governance, board of directors, teams, time, information, networks

How to cite this paper: Sigurjonsson, T.O., & Powell, T. (2006). An effective board from a team perspective. Corporate Board: role, duties and composition, 2(3), 7-15.