Editorial Board and External Reviewers

Reviewing and editorial process for the Journal "Corporate Board: role, duties and composition” involve three main pillars based on the consistent cooperation of the following parties:

Co-Editors-in-Chief are responsible for the journal’s standing and position in the academic world, and for the overall scholarly quality of the journal. The co-Editors determine the main editorial policies with guidance from the Editorial Board members as needed. Given the international scope and structure of the journal, one of the crucial goals of the Board, and especially of the editors is to generate interest amongst a variety of scholars from a variety of different locations. Co-Editors-in-Chief are assisted by Managing editor who oversees copy editing of papers approved for publication, typesetting, and transmittal of proofs to authors. This editor works closely with authors if an article requires clarifications, regarding the language and formatting issues. The managing editor co-operates with the editor-in-chief to maintain the quality of the journal.

Advisory Board provides to the editorial team their advice with regard to the new topics for commissions, special editions and advising on direction for the journal - giving feedback on past issues and making suggestions for both subject matter and potential authors as well as endorse the journal to authors and readers and encourage colleagues to submit their best work.

Editorial Board is a team of experts in the journal’s field, who takes responsibility to review submitted manuscripts; advise on journal policy and scope; identify topics for special issues, which they may guest edit; attract new authors and submissions. Editorial Board members are selected by the journal’s co-editors. A journal’s Editorial Board can affect its quality, so co-editors consider the following: the location of board members should represent the reach of the journal; board members’ expertise should represent the journal’s scope; representatives should be appointed from key research institutes etc. Paper reviewing in our journal is based on blind peer reviewing, which concerns both Editorial Board Members and External Reviewers.

External Reviewers collaborate with co-editors in soliciting, selecting, and developing outstanding content for the journal. External reviewers are responsible for the quality, consistency, and impact of our journals in the research community. This is achieved by selecting qualified, independent and experienced reviewers to review the submitted manuscripts, and by efficiently managing the peer-review process.

Nicola Moscariello University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli", Italy
Sabri Boubaker EM Normandie Business School, France
Dmytro Govorun Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance, TCM Group, Ukraine
Managing editor:
Valeriia Syromlia Virtus Interpress, Ukraine
Advisory Editors:
Alessio Maria Pacces University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Germain Laurent Toulouse Business School, France
Gerard Sanders Lee Business School, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, USA
Filipe Morais Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK
Mattias Nordqvist Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
Paul Moxey London South Bank University, UK
Ross D. Fuerman Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, USA
Editorial Board Members:
Aditi Gupta King’s Business School, King’s College London, UK
Alice Medioli University of Parma, Italy
Bashar H. Malkawi University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law, USA
Bartolomé Pascual Fuster Universidad de las Islas Baleares; Observatory on Corporate Governance of the Financial Studies Foundation, Spain
Bruce Hearn School of Management, University of Bradford, UK
Chan Du University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA
Clara Graziano University of Udine, Italy
Daniela Vandone University of Milan, Italy
Daniele Cerrato Department of Economic and Social Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Law, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
Dina Tomšić Edward Bernays University College, Croatia
Dimitrios N. Koufopoulos University of London, UK; Director of Research on the Hellenic Observatory of Corporate Governance, Greece
Duarte Pitta Ferraz Nova School of Business & Economics, Portugal
Giorgia Profumo University of Genoa, Italy
Gonzalo Jimenez-Seminario Center for Corporate Governance of the Catholic University, Chile; Chairman of Proteus Management, Governance & Effectuation, Chile
Gro Ladegård School of Economics and Business, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
Hugh Grove Professor, School of Accountancy, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, USA
Igbekele Sunday Osinubi Royal Docks School of Business and Law, University of East London, the UK
Ilaria Galavotti Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
Jamie Tong UQ Business School, University of Queensland, Australia
Jennifer Hill Professor of Corporate Law, Director, The Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate & Taxation Law, Faculty of Law, The University of Sydney, Australia
Jimmy Agustin Saravia Matus EAFIT University in Medellin, Colombia
Marco Sorrentino Department of Law and Economic Sciences, Pegaso Telematic University, Italy
Marco Venuti Roma Tre University, Italy
Masao Nakamura Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Canada
Maurizio Rija University of Calabria, Italy
Melvin Jameson Director of International Initiatives, UNLV Lee Business School, USA
Michalis Bekiaris University of the Aegean, Greece
Monica Veneziani University of Brescia, Italy
Montserrat Manzaneque-Lizano ‎‎University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Patrice Gélinas School of Administrative Studies, York University, Canada
Paul Krüger Andersen Department of Law, Aarhus University, Denmark
Pedro B. Água Naval Academy, Almada, Portugal; AESE Business School, Lisboa, Portugal
Pei-Hui Hsu California State University, USA
Pietro Fera University of Campania ’Luigi Vanvitelli’, Italy
Rouxelle De Villiers Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Salma Ibrahim Department of Accounting, Finance & Informatics, Kingston Business School, Kingston University, UK
Stefan Prigge Department of Finance & Accounting, Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany
Stefano Bozzi Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy
Themistokles Lazarides Technological Institute of West Macedonia, Greece
Veliota Drakopoulou University of Arizona Global Campus, USA
Vincenzo Bavoso University of Manchester, UK
External Reviewers:

Our network of external reviewers is represented by a group of more than 320 external reviewers of our journals representing more than 60 countries.