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Maria Cristina Ungureanu


The banking sector industry is somewhat unique because it is simultaneously consolidating and diversifying. Banks’ major role in stabilising the financial systems of countries and in spurring their economic growth explains the particularities of their own corporate governance. The specificity of banks, the volatility of financial markets, increased competition and diversification expose banks to risks and challenges. The banking industry is heavily regulated and supervised in every country around the globe. This, in turn, establishes a particular corporate governance system. The paper lays out the specific attributes of banks that influence their regulatory and supervisory environment, which, in turn, creates a unique corporate governance framework for the banking industry. The paper emphasises the benefits and limits of regulations and supervision on banks’ corporate governance and focuses its empirical results on the European Union countries.

Keywords: Banking, Supervision, Corporate Governance, Market Discipline, Basel Framework

How to cite this paper: Ungureanu, M. C. (2008). Banks: regulation and corporate governance framework [Special issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 5(2-4), 449-458.