Corporate governance, ownership and control: A review of recent scholarly research

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This manuscript is aimed at highlighting the most recent trends in corporate governance, ownership and control based on the manuscripts presented at the international conference “Corporate Governance, Ownership and Control” that took place in Rome on February 27, 2018. We have also used reputable papers published in the relevant academic journals in the past to support the arguments stated by the authors of the papers, presented at the conference. This paper covers a wide range of corporate governance topics in corporate ownership and control toward corporate governance mechanisms, such as board of directors, the board diversity, directors’ remuneration, firm performance, auditing and accounting, etc. We saw a growing interest of researchers to widen the scope of their major research to link it to corporate ownership and control issues. Currently, corporate governance research follows two major routs: classical empirical corporate governance research and multidisciplinary research aimed at findings non-conventional methods to solution of existing problems.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Corporate Ownership, Corporate Control, Board of Directors, Auditing, Accounting

JEL Classification: G3, G34, O16

Received: 02.03.2018

Accepted: 04.04.2018

Published online: 05.04.2018

How to cite this paper: Kostyuk, A., Mozghovyi, Y., & Govorun, D. (2018). Corporate governance, ownership and control: A review of recent scholarly research. Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition, 14(1), 50-56.